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The Seeking

the finding of a way

The Existential Gnostic
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My Unitarian Jihad Name is: Brother Cosh of Undeclared Serenity. What's yours?

This is my third LiveJournal. At the time of it's creation, I've been an LJ blogger for almost four years. My first journal didn't last long and my second did very well, but I have felt my self change since the beginning of 2005, and realized that the associations with my old blog didn't suit a large aspect of my being any longer, thusly neccesitating the creation of this journal.

I'm only really interested in authenticity and philosophical truth- wherever I can find it... the form isn't important. Substance is paramount.

Aside from that, my primary concerns are: Free Will, Ethics, and Critical Thinking.

Free Will: You are completely free.

Ethics: Given that you are completely free, your one moral obligation is to recognize and respect the freedom of other human beings. For example, you shouldn't kill or rape anyone.

Critical Thinking: Although you are completely free, you probably don't realize it, and are actually a slave to a whole host of things, the worst of which is your own thought process. By developing the following critical thinking methods, you will move closer to realizing your actual freedom, which is complete and total.

1) Ask questions; be willing to wonder.
2) Define your terms.
3) Examine the evidence.
4) Analyze assumptions and biases.
5) Avoid emotional reasoning.
6) Don't oversimplify; don't obfuscate.
7) Consider other interpretations.
8) Tolerate uncertainty.

"None are more hopelessly enslaved than those who falsely believe they are free."

Society is diseased and pop culture makes me sick. If you don't understand why I would feel that way, I urge you to read Adbusters. There is also an lj community, adbusters, which is of varying content quality, as it is an open community. Further reading should include CrimethInc's book "Days of Love, Nights of War" and Aldous Huxley's "Brave New World Revisited".

more later...

If you add me and I don't add you back, it doesn't mean anything against you. For one, I rarely ever view the friends page for this journal. Anyway, I only add people here if the content is regularly simillar to mine, so that people who like this journal have a reason to read my friends page. It gives them an idea of who else writes with content or mentality simmilar to this journal. But I may add you from my normal journal, because I'm nice.

I believe that a conversation is infinitely better than a sermon. I welcome any and all heartfelt comments. In any case, I'm just one flawed human being, and your words could easily lead me to further enlightenment. What a fool I would then have to be, to reject them?

The best place to start is the beginning. You can read my first post here and then follow sequentially by clicking the little green arrows near the top. Alternately, viewing The subjects by name may be illuminating.

I attempt organize my posts with an accurate and thorough list of tags, and that might help you if you are interested in specific topics.

I also have some really great discussions with people here on livejournal, so be sure to read my memorable posts page!

Other Interests: 11:11, alice in wonderland, chess, get your war on, mr bungle, the doors,
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