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Been doing lots of writing in private and also thinking about things in the general vein of this journal, but I'm still working at something that's pretty big, and couldn't really talk about it properly.

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ruminations on love and what is everlasting

This isn't a big post or anything I'd planned out or thought about for any long amount of time. I just feel like rambling.

So the S.O. and I are recently going to this church. And today's sermon was by a guest speaker, actually an Episcopalian minister or whatever, and he talked at great length about the sober realities of mortality. It was his conclusion, in line with UU values, that only love is eternal, it's our highest value, and, you know, act in love and stuff.

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1.0 You are (not) alone

Online Videos by Veoh.com

you will have to download a viewer program to watch it, but it's all there, and there's nothing bad going on with the download. I don't think the loss in quality is all that bad either, considering.

If you watch it, please let's have a discussion of it. Lots of interesting material to dig into here, for certain.
illuminatus cake

nothing specific

I may post more regularly in the near future.

My thoughts have been indistinct and hard to capture. Still trying to manage the concepts I have been approaching the last time I spoke at length. I have met some interesting folks who stimulate me. Also: I need to kick my drug habit. hahaha.

Scientology is so effing evil. I need to put together a well-explained thesis of some kind explaining how I perceive Scientology to ultimately be a world slavery scheme. But, seriously, if you look at end results the way I try to, I think you will see what I mean. Look at what the actual results of things are, and you will see their value.

Anonymous always brings cake, so go protest. If there is interest then I will scrounge up links. try 711chan.net ... if it isn't down. encyclopedia dramatica is great too. Operation Chanology!!!

Also, the Real ID thing is super evil and it needs to stop right now.
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Who is Toby Philpott?

oh yeah, while I'm here, check out this dude.

Toby Philpott
he's got a really interesting life story, and he's a cool guy besides, I been talking to him and stuff. He knows a lot of the neat occult and/or quasi-scientific type things but that is not all there is to this guy.

I'm helping him make this, so if you've read it, help us; and if you haven't, then read it, and then help us.
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i don't know where this is going but it's nuts.

I don't post much since April. But I might begin to do so more regularly in the future. So, if you miss seeing me post all the time, you should probably go there. To the future, I mean.

Some really crazy things have been happening. It all has to do with this "Paganism" book that Crystal lent us. It has a section about physics, and it elucidates on the Holographic Universe thing that my old friend Felis mentioned to me back in early '05 but I didn't have the sense to recognize what it meant then.

Well, it looks like we're all one and stuff. Damn perennial philosophers.

And now I'm reading this book and this book, and things are getting really nutty.

I bought a portable tape recorder for two dollars at Goodwill. This is important because a potable tape recorder would have been useless for my purposes. My porpoises however, would have loved one for Kwanzaa.

I saw the world in 3-D for the first time, sometime around midnight, perhaps twenty-three minutes past on Sunday. As a result, I couldn't follow what anyone was saying at the party at Andy's place, it went away after I went out for a cigarette. I seem to be able to turn it on anytime. It's incredible and everything, but I'm too much of a communicator to stand around lolly-gagging at the graphics of this virtual reality game for very long.

So, I've been banging around the bush. It's true. And I have been delaying my gnosis. Getting things second-hand and calling it enlightenment is a pale joke, indeed. Well, at least I got published.

I'll probably have to do it, though. Become illuminated, of course. And you know what that means. If not, you should do some research on what gnosis really means. Self-Actualize! Something given easily is lost quickly, but if you work for it, you will see its importance. I read that in this book, and then learned it from God.

Anyway, I have some things to do, so I should wrap this up. Some quick thoughts for you

Everything on Earth exists within one system, and that is Earth itself. Everything in the system effects everything else, and we are far too blind to see all the little details.

Identify what you hate. Try to reconcile with it. Whatever you hate is a part of you and you are a part of it. I guarantee this.

No fear, no guilt, no shame, no blame, no stress, no anxiety. These are things that are going to trap you in a bad game. Cheaters do prosper, and even if you do everything right, it can all go wrong. Deal with it. And on the bright side, the Universe might actually totally cater to the true believer.

Stop talking shit. What I mean is lying. It does us all a disservice, and we're all just making ourselves miserable. Just pull the splinter out, rip the bandage off, and sever the poisoned arm. If you're in a situation that you feel traps you and forces you to lie, then...

focus on solutions, not problems. A fucking "fantasy" writer is saying this, so we should all be catching up by now. It's quite common today to become caught up in the intoxicating aura of the melodrama of problems. People learn to be this way, and...

Your brain is a real thing, your thoughts go through it and change it. It makes paths, like water, and then it's easier to go down the same path again. Next thing you know, you're an octogenarian, miserable, and way too senile to warn your grandchildren about what you foolishly taught their parents to teach them. That is hell, and it is an illusion.

If you have any questions, refer to track 3 of "Fragile" by Yes. And if you need anything else, there's some ants.
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